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Deoria District Population

Deoria is a district in Uttar Pradesh State of India. It has a total of 5 Tehsils in this district. The district has an total area of 2,540 sq km. There are 10 towns and 2,162 villages in this district.. Deoria population is estimated to be 4,310,315 in 2023.

Deoria is one of districts of Uttar Pradesh in India, Deoria District population in 2023 is 4,310,315 (estimates as per aadhar Dec 2023 data). As per 2011 census of India, Deoria District has a population of 3,100,946 in 2011 out of which 1,537,436 are male and 1,563,510 are female. Population of Deoria in 2022 is estimated to be 4,093,249 inhabitants. Literate people are 1,875,239 out of 1,079,288 are male and 795,951 are female. People living in Deoria District depend on multiple skills, total workers are 876,246 out of which men are 639,073 and women are 237,173. Total 150,884 Cultivators are depended on agriculture farming out of 129,207 are cultivated by men and 21,677 are women. 85,751 people works in agricultural land as labor, men are 64,713 and 21,038 are women. Deoria District sex ratio is 1,017 females per 1000 of males. Next Deoria District Census will be in 2022-2023.

Deoria barchart on population, literacy, workers & households

Demographics of Deoria

The most spoken Language in Deoria is Hindi.

Deoria District Tehsils List

Tehsil is the local administrative division mostly a town or city, Below is the Deoria District District Tehsils list in the state of Uttar Pradesh, Tehsil can be considered as sub-districts, As on the last 2011 census, Deoria District is divided into 5 Tehsils.

Deoria District Tehsils Population

According to 2011 Census of India, Deoria District District Tehsils population, Below is the list of Deoria District Tehsils househods, total population and as per male and female statistics.

TehsilsPopulation 2011MaleFemaleHouseholds
Bhatpar Rani449,256220,610228,64666,080

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