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Plastic is very useful, it is every where, everybody have at their fingertips all day long. For the last 50 years, Plastic has replaced many of the materials, due to its comfort, ease of making, cheaper in costs and durability.

Popular Plastic Products and Usage and Disposal Systems:

ProductDangerous / Category RatingUsageDisposal System - UrbanDisposal System - Rural
Plastic Bags1Mini Carry Bags, Shopping Long Bags80% to Municipal waste yard, 15% thrown in private and public places, 5% thrown to road side while travelling in car/busThrown in Agricultural lands, Canals, Road Side Dumps, back yards
Plastic Sachets2Used for Milk, Shampoos, Packed Grocery provisions, Medicines, Sweets & Chocklates50% of Milk Sachets sell to scrap yards, Other sachets to Municipal waste yards, 10% to roadside dumpsMilk Sachets are less percentage in rural areas due to cattle breeding, other sachets are dumped in fertile lands, canals and road side dumps.
Plastic Sheets3Used in food packing as a seperator, Parties dining table as one time for every batch, wrapping of courier products 95% to municipality, 5% to Roadside dumpsThrown away at comfortable spot
Plastic cups4Plastic cups are used for water, tea and coffee, ice creams in parties, ice cream & cool drink parlours, coffee shops. Heavily used at labor works for distributing food, water and tea.45% Throws away where ever they drink, others thrown in the bin, collects to waste yard.Drink and Throw away in Agricultural lands, Canals or where ever you drink. No Awareness Drive, No Guidance from the Collectorate Administration
Plastic Plates5used for food at parties, and at labor works90% to waste yardsDumping at comfortable agricultural land spot
Plastic Water Bottles6Every one, more usage by urban people than rural.20% is reusable and thrown in the waste, and finally Collected at Municipal waste yard60% Re-use and Just Throw away
Flexes and Banners7Mostly by Educational Institutions, Political PartiesCollected by Municipal System mostleyThrow Away

People do not have guide lines, rules for the disposal of plastic. 98% of population do not know that plastic is becoming a big polluting medium in next 10 to 20 years.

Plastic Pollution Facts:
  • India is no. 3 in the world of Plastic Pollution
  • Many of the plastic products used only once and throw away
  • No Planned Plastic Collection System by Municipal
  • Recycle Management is poor in urban and rural
  • Urbanization, usage and increase in plastic waste
  • Plastic do have a stronger management & policy rules
  • Lack of interest in maintaining clean environment
  • What to do with this waste? in Many of the people mind
  • Plastic gets accumulated in water and land, it takes 500 years for it to decay
  • Plastic pollution kills sea species, birds, animals and harmful to human beings with health related risks
  • Holy Cows are vulnerable for eating plastic in urban areas
  • The clogging of drains (sewage and strom) in urban areas are higher percentage ratio due to higher plastic wastage is found.
  • Irrigation Canals and agricultural lands are more vulnerable in rural areas