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The Mizoram State Assembly Elections will be held on 25th of November 2013. Its a total of 40 seats filled for the Mizoram State Assembly. The Mizoram state came into existance in 1987 which was the part of Assam before. The Mizoram legislative assembly is comprising 40 members, who are elected for every 5 years.

List of Assembly Segments in Mizoram

Assembly No.Assembly Contituencies NameAssembly No.Assembly Contituencies Name
1Hachhek (ST)21Lengteng (ST)
2Dampa (ST)22Tuichang (ST)
3Mamit (ST)23Champhai North (ST)
4Tuirial (ST)24Champhai South (ST)
5Kolasib (ST)25East Tuipui (ST)
6Serlui (ST)26Serchhip (ST)
7Tuivawl (ST)27Tuikum (ST)
8Chalfilh (ST)28Hrangturzo (ST)
9Tawi (ST)29South Tuipui (ST)
10Aizawl North-I (ST)30Lunglei North (ST)
11Aizawl North-II (ST)31Lunglei East (ST)
12Aizawl North-III (ST)32Lunglei West (ST)
13Aizawl East-I33Lunglei South (ST)
14Aizawl East-II (ST)34Thorang (ST)
15Aizawl West-I (ST)35West Tuipui (ST)
16Aizawl West-II (ST)36Tuichawng (ST)
17Aizawl West-III (ST)37Lawngtlai West (ST)
18Aizawl South-I (ST)38Lawngtlai East (ST)
19Aizawl South-II (ST)39Saiha (ST)
20Aizawl South-III (ST)40Palak (ST)