UPA completed 3 years in second term - Tired government? or INCOMPETENT? or Good?

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Recorded from Live PM Speech============PM Spoke in english (due to aam admi can understand english very well)

PM Speech on 22, May 2012 at 8.20 PM :
1. We need to better
2. Grew 7.7% in 2011-12
3. Sustained growth, health and education
4. Poverty has declined twice the rate(for proof ask montek singh)
5. Agricultural growth rate : 2.35%
6. Rural Wages has increased
7. 51000 schools opened
8. Record Food Grain production this year 250 tons
9. Successful of Agni for taking images including in cloudy weather
10. 10 crores new telephone connection
11. new power gereration capacity 20000 MW achieved: (No Power cuts now)
11. new nighbour relations formed
12 Improved internal Security

He says we need to do better on
--> Tough decisions to be taken on Economy
--> we need to speed up policy implementation
--> we need to strenghten food security by implemntation storage

No Comments on the below:
1. Food Prices were shooting up as every indian is suffering with this.
2. Food Security issues
3. inflation is very high, Rupee is sinking
4. Oil Prices raised about 18 times in last 8 years, all commodities prices were escalated.
5. No Comment on Lokpal Bill
6. 2G and CWG
7. Where is PM Stand on Right to Education
8. Air India