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E-Commerce market is exploded in India. Even group buying sites are switching to ecommerce model considering its huge potential.

One of the top online shopping site eBay India Head, Deepa Thomas tells that ecommerce business will continue to expand in India and the country will be one of the top 10 e-commerce hubs in the world by 2015 as it is the fourth largest internet users in the world currently.

However, there are few challenges faced by the country like lack of quality broadband connectivity in some regions. India is still not as connected as it should be. Connectivity beyond metros needs to be better. In countries like Philippines and Malaysia, the broadband penetration is good. Refer ecommerce supply chain

Bangalore, in particular has potential to become the number one e-commerce centre in the country. The city had been in the top five list of e-commerce states until now. It has jumped to top three. Bangalore has immense potential as it is active on all fronts like e-commerce, imports and exports. However, Bangalore would face competition from Mumbai and Delhi this year as those cities have larger number of internet users.