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Bawal Population

Bawal is a Town and Tehsil in Rewari district of Haryana state in India. Total number of villages in this Tehsil is 81. Bawal Tehsil sex ratio is 896 females per 1000 of males.

Population of Bawal


According to 2011 census, Total Bawal population is 146,735 people are living in this Tehsil, of which 77,397 are male and 69,338 are female. Expected Population of Bawal Tehsil in 2020/2021 is between 142,333 and 181,951. Literate people are 97,796 out of 59,438 are male and 38,358 are female. Total workers are 56,643 depends on multi skills out of which 38,166 are men and 18,477 are women. Total 14,892 Cultivators are depended on agriculture farming out of 12,406 are cultivated by men and 2,486 are women. 2,173 people works in agricultural land as a labour in Bawal, men are 1,661 and 512 are women.

Bawal barchart on population, literacy, workers & households

Bawal Tehsil population list

Bawal Tehsil has a total of 81 locations/villages, Below is the population table listing as per the last census of 2011 showing male, female and household information in the Rewari district.

Locations/VillagesPopulation 2011MaleFemaleHouseholds
Dodhai (160)1,260634626228
Gujriwas (159)730391339115
Lalpur (158)1,339690649225
Dawana (156)800413387141
Kathuwas (168)992513479179
Salhawas (169)1,139598541186
Bhudla (186)2,3471,2111,136378
Sangwari (185)2,0401,073967379
Ladhuwas Gujar (187)805437368141
Majri Duda (188)45424221290
Raliawas (191)2,4701,3091,161475
Panchor (307)1,145599546213
Pachgaon (306)41222418886
Jorthal (305)3,9922,1011,891764
Asiakitappa Jarthal (308)1,685866819324
Sanpli (309)912463449162
Pithanwas (166)1,398737661301
Lodhana (165)763405358139
Kasoli (161)1,400748652252
Bolni (164)3,6361,9361,700715
Garhi (163)1,591824767296
Baqapur (162)996517479145
Kasola (167)1,155588567197
Bagthala (47)2,7151,4071,308494
Mukandpur Basai (75)775409366151
Kheri Motla (74)491266225101
Kamalpur (48)1,103590513170
Patuhera (49)2,3441,2141,130381
Asalwas (46)2,0341,079955330
Banipur (40)2,1971,1601,037378
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Bawal Tehsil Villages List

Bawal is a Tehsil in Rewari district of Haryana state in India. Below is the list of Towns and Villages in Bawal Tehsil. Total Number of Villages in this Tehsil list are 81.

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