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India has made huge progress in terms of increasing primary education attendance rate and expanding literacy to approximately three-fourth of the population. The right to education at elementary level has been made one of the fundamental rights under the eighty-sixth Amendment of 2002, and legislation has been enacted to further the objective of providing free education to all children. However, the literacy rate of 74% is still lower than the worldwide average and the country suffers from a high dropout rate.

Indian Education System: Currently india is following british education system after indian independence, the systems are primary education, secondary education, further education and higher education. There are around 13 million schools in india.

Improper infrastructure:
Many of the government and private schools does lack of good infrastructure in both teachers, building structure and furniture is not available in the especially in interior villages and towns. the basic foundation for student starts lacking by this point as many will move out to catch a family skill to persue their career.
Lack of digital gadgets: Many zilla parishad schools has not reach of digital gadgets like projectors and video assisted teachings.

Lack of Communication Skills: Many Government and Private Schools and colleges are not constructing the communication skills to the students. Since English is the mediatary language introduced from britsh era, schools, colleges and universities misses the value of communication where student needs to develop to presented after completing the course. Exception is business schools(high end education system) where the communication skills are much focussed. But instead of insisting on english, Government should also focus to improve on national language communication skills as indians can quickly pickup the indian languages and can break the communication barrier.

Research: Research programme is always missing in high school level, awareness and programmes needs to be conducted to make and know the student skills.

Personality development programmes: This is important programme as many of the european and western school systems has adopted and saw success, this needs to be introduced from higher education onwards.

Entrepreneurship development scheme: Entrepreneurship skills needs to make practice to the students to make them future Entrepreneurs, Good to introduced at higher education levels.

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