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Tata sky login access is to manage customers mytatasky account easily for recharging and selection of tv channels online

Tata Sky Login

How to select package in Tatasky?
Open Tata Sky webpage or paste in the url tatasky.com and select the all packs and channels in the menu section, user can see two options for Tatasky DTH packs other one is tatasky offer. A filter screen will appear to select the genre and language, select the appropriate language and continue.
Users can see 3 options, Curated packs/Regional packs and Mini packs
In any one of the selection, the packs are listed and use select Load more to see other offers.
Check the tabs of Tata Sky Packs, Broadcaster Packs, Channels,Services
All the packs can be only selected after login to the tatasky account.

How can i login to Tatasky?
To login to Tatasky, enter tatasky.com in the url, click My Account on the top of the tatasky web page or simple click the above Login button

Is Tata Sky installation free?
Tatasky installation is not free service, users need to buy connection like Tatasky SD, Tatasky HD, Tatasky 4K and all this package comes with box and installation package.

What is tatasky 99 pack?
This is the offer provided by Tatasky, during the offer, Tatasky will offer the 99 base pack to the eligible subscribers only, this will cost user Rs.99 for month. Tata Sky My 99 offers up to 160 channels under 10 categories. The channels are mentioned and will change from time to time as per the updates of Tatasky which are available on the website.

What is the cheapest package in Tatasky?
Only eligible customers can avail 99 base offer, which offers some of the channels list provided by the company. Tatasky My 99 offers up to 160 channels under 10 categories. Other than this the best base packs are available according to regional language selection, if the customer needs selected channels, they can select through a la carte option provided once customer logged to the website using the mobile number.