Banaskantha is a district in Gujarat State of India. It has a total of 12 Talukas in this district. The district has an total area of 10,743 sq km. There are 12 towns and 1,237 villages in this district.

Banaskantha Population

Banaskantha district population 2019
As per census Banaskantha has a population of 3,120,506 in 2011 out of which 1,610,379 are male and 1,510,127 are female. Population of Banaskantha in 2019 is 3,289,820(estimates as per aadhar feb 2019 data). Literate people are 1,704,923 out of 1,048,402 are male and 656,521 are female. People living in Banaskantha depend on multiple skills, total workers are 1,248,600 out of which men are 836,268 and women are 412,332. Total 435,409 Cultivators are depended on agriculture farming out of 379,070 are cultivated by men and 56,339 are women. 239,333 people works in agricultural land as labor, men are 162,991 and 76,342 are women. Banaskantha sex ratio is 938 females per 1000 of males.

Banaskantha District Rural and Urban Population

The district has an total area of 10,743 sq km., 198 sq km is urban and 10545 sq km is rural. Out of total population of 3,463,762 in the district, 414,915 are in urban area and 2,705,591 are in rural area. 81,973 households are in urban, 478,438 are in rural area. 289,359 literate people are in urban, 1,415,564 are in rural area.

Banaskantha Demographics
Languages are Gujarati

Banaskantha Population Statistics(2011)

Banaskantha District Talukas List

Banaskantha District has total 12 Talukas, Below is the list of Banaskantha Talukas.


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Drinking water is the big problem in my village.
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