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The youngest state of Andhra Pradesh has choosen Amaravati as the new capital by the State Government of Andhra Pradesh.

Amaravati is one of the ancient towns of India on the banks of river krishna. Amaravati has many buddist sites and stupas was built by king Ashoka during 250 to 230 B.C.

Amaravati will have outer and inner ring roads with major express ways with multi lane facility. Chief Minister Chandra Babu Naidu pledged to make worlds best city with the assistance and master plans from singapore and japan.

My Brick My Amaravathi donation @Rs 10 on My Brick My Amaravati Campaign started by AP CM Chandra Babu Naidu, as on 17, Dec 2015 they have collected around 52.5 Lakhs of Bricks thru 2.22 Lakh donors. The bricks initiative is a natural step of people participation in building a Capital Amaravati. The AP State Capital Land Pooling scheme is adopted by Amaravati is the largest, and is initation by CM with the peoples desire for formation of a world-class capital.

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