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Meghalaya Population 2024

As per the Aadhar Statistics the Meghalaya population in 2024 is 3,276,323 (3.28 Millions) as compared to last census 2011 is 2,964,007. Growth rate of 10.54 percent of population increased from year 2011 in Meghalaya. till 2018.
Population in Crores is 0.33 Crores
(February 2019 estimates till December 2018 as per Aadhar Uidai)

LanguagesEnglish, Khasi, Garo
Population2964007 (2011 Census)

About Meghalaya

Meghalaya is one of the North-Eastern states of India the state comprising of 7 districts, 39 Subdistricts, 22 Towns and 6839 villages. Shillong is the capital of meghalaya. Meghalaya extends for about 300 kilometres in length and about 100 kilometres in breadth and is bounded by assam to the north and bangladesh to the sout. Total area of Meghalaya is 22,429 sq.kms. Total Population is 2,964,007, out of 1,492,668 are males and 1,471,339 are females. Shillong, which was made Assam's capital in 1874, remained so till January 1972, following the formation of Meghalaya. Languages widely spoken in Meghalaya are Khasi, Pnar, Garo & English. Population density is 132 per Literacy rate is 75.48%

Meghalaya State Population

 Population 2011Decadal growthSex RatioPopulation density
Meghalaya 29,64,007 14,92,668 14,71,3392927.82974986103132

Meghalaya District wise Population

West Garo Hills6,42,932
East Garo Hills3,17,618
South Garo Hills1,42,574
West Khasi Hills3,85,601
Ri Bhoi2,58,380
East Khasi Hills8,24,059
Jaintia Hills3,92,852

meghalaya map

meghalaya map

List of Districts, Cities & Towns in Meghalaya

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