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Airtel Mobile Network offers easy way of online recharge in 3-step process. 1. Enter Mobile Number - This will detect the state and area of operation.
2. Selection of Plans - Browse the plans to select the appropriate plan of use.
3. Choose the pay option by selecting Net Banking/Credit Cards/ Debit Card Options.

Recharging Airtel is instant, will affect your mobile recharge in seconds.
Airtel Recharge Problem Cases for Customer Enquiry: 1. Airtel is not recharged, Amount is debited. 2. Talk time is not added by Recharge 3. How to Reverse Recharge as Wrong option selected and recharged.

These questions are answered by Airtel Customer Care 24x7 by calling 121/123/122.

How do I check my data and my airtel plan?
Get 50% Cashback on 1st Airtel Prepaid Mobile Recharge through the app Airtel Money, this can be downloaded from playstore. Recharge Now! Pay Bills online. To know or view your Airtel Plan on web, go to and login using your Airtel mobile number. Once logged in you may receive OTP for verification, once verified, You can see your balance and data related information under the Account Overview tab.

What is the minimum recharge of Airtel prepaid for my mobile phone?
As on March 2020, The minimum charge for receiving calls and sms are Rs. 49 for 28 days. This plan does not cover any free minutes, only receiving calls and sms will work with this plan. User needs to recharge certain amount to call any mobile unlike unlimited plan, user also can get certain amount of MB/GB as per the updated plan information.

What happens if I dont recharge my Airtel plan?
Once the airtel pack is exhausted, incoming callas and sms will be available for 6 days there after user will not receive either incoming or sms. Airtel data services would be barred on the expiry of the plan if the plan has any data benefits, to preclude any unwanted outage due to expirty, Customers needs to renew the same plan or can choose a different plan according to the user requirements, These can be available under Browse packs, can then take another pack or a top-up. The renewal can be done online through a web page or can be done by installing airtel app from the play store.

What are the recharge plans of airtel?
Airtel has offered many unlimited plans at the start along with Jio, it now offers that suitable for all types of users, so that users can choose the best one that suits their usage pattern. Although now it is a good thing that Airtel company is offering many plans to suit every user needs, even though many people are confused to select the plan, many of the airtel agents or small stores which have the facility to recharge in the shop can explain the better as to which plan should they go for, since there are a number of them on offer and will change frequently as per the occasion or marketing. So if any user gets confusion of choosing a plan, then they can visit nearest airtel store or they can call toll free number either 123 or 121.