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Life insurance corporation provides lic merchant login to customers and agents to get access to the account information and policy details

lic merchant login

LIC Merchant Login:
The online portal is the way to get access the details, lic merchant login provides for real time payment of renewal premium dues through the portal onlinelic.
Important Notice to Lic Merchants:
LIC Agents or Merchants must ensure that the cheques are not again collected at the Branch as Renewal Premium . LIC Branch must collect the Invoice only using the Cash Menu Option 16. Once the Merchant selected the Cash Menu Option 16 they need to check the Agents Invoice Amount Collection Box. Please do mention your transaction number, Merchant ID and Invoice number on the backside of the Cheque to ensure correct payments.
View Premium Receipt/Print Premium Invoice: If the LIC Merchants Choose to view and print, The Premium Receipts and Invoices are opened as popups in your browser. Some times Popups might have blocked in your browser programme, Please enable Popups to View LIC Merchant Receipts and Invoices.

Benefits of Lic Merchants or LIC Agents Programme:
Before becoming Lic Agent, Know more about the benefits as below:

  • A Successful Team: By joining us as lic merchant, Lic team of life insurance Agents / Merchants you will make huge contribution to yourself and to Life Insurance Corporation. In the year 2015, we contributed 4021 members to the Million Dollars from most successful Agents.
  • Support: We support our Merchants with innovative sales and marketing tools to know how they are making good sales and targets, LIC Merchant Team will provide support initially you take your business to new heights.
  • Attractive Remuneration: LIC offers one of the best remuneration systems in the industry and in India, also guarantees a steady earning for the future, you can set your own income targets to earn with a potential as much as you want for the rest of your life.
  • Rewarding Career: By becoming lic merchnat, You will help people by fulfilling their financial goals. By explaining lic products to customers, you make to customer lives is more exciting and satisfying than before.
  • Independence: As an LIC Merchant, you will be a true entrepreneur, you are building customer relations. You will have the freedom to be your own boss to work for yourself and your goals, just use your own network to make money with out any initial capital investment.
  • Financial: LIC offers you and your customer unmatched financial strength that you will succeed in your life to achieve greater goals for you and for your family.
  • Range Of Products And Services: To Start with you can contact your public contacts and make them as customers, You offer your customers over 50 product combinations of our unique Products and Riders, to help them and make comfortable to meet all their financial goals.
  • Training: LIC Branch office team will provide you with the best training systems, incase if you dont have previous experience in the related domain or selling experience, LIC comprehensive training programme will be conducted by our qualified in-house team, will make you dealing in confidence and making a specialist in life insurance sales.
  • Infra structure Support: Life insurance is one of the oldest corporation in the country, We have invested in state-of-the-art infrastructure at our Branch Offices. You will have online access to the team support and to use the necessary and related tools and technology that will enable you to build confidence and to do a profitable long-term business.
lic merchant login For any further questions on LIC Merchant, Please use comments box to highlight your questions or comments.

LIC Customer Care : Call Center at 022 6827 6827 (24x7 Service)
Toll free no. 18004259876for (Health Insurance policies)